Hotcourses UK

Campaign Partner

When two organisations dedicated to transforming lives through education join forces, powerful things can happen. Partnering with the Festival of Learning has been a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the incredible things that can be achieved in further education and to celebrate adult learning success.

For many individuals, getting back into education has not only instilled them with newly found self-belief, but allowed them to support their communities using these new skill sets. For others, it has enabled them to forge a new career path that they didn’t previously think was possible.

At Hotcourses, our values are bold, curious, supportive and trustworthy and we stand by the belief that you never stop learning. However, we also acknowledge that trying something new or changing your career can be daunting. We work tirelessly to improve the quality of information and guidance available for those considering returning to education.

A recent example of this was the Festival of Learning’s ‘Have a Go’ month where individuals across the country engaged with learning activities in their local areas. For many of them, this was an important first step back into learning and overcoming that initial fear. For education providers, it was a way of showing us the amazing opportunities that are out there, waiting for us to ‘have a go’.

It an increasingly high-pressure society, it is imperative that the government continues to fund and recognise adult learning as a vital pillar of our communities. Together with Festival of Learning, we hope to showcase examples of why adult learning is so important for our country and to guide all those gaining new skills and changing their lives through education.

Marcella Collins – Managing Director of Hotcourses UK