Learning for Work and Employer Award Sponsor

These awards celebrate the achievements of adults who have learnt through an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, secured employment or a promotion at work, embarked on a new career, or started their own business. They also recognise the innovative projects and provision that have supported adults to learn at or for work.

NOCN creates opportunities, through education and skills development, with the power to transform lives. This knowledge sits at the heart of what NOCN does and serves to motivate us all to achieve equality of access to our products. It is therefore our great honour to work with Learning and Work Institute by supporting the Learning for Work and Employer Awards through an NOCN charitable grant.

Every year at this time we are privileged to hear the amazing stories of inspirations people and each year it gets harder and harder to decide on the winners because as they say, everyone’s a winner! We know that learning has overwhelmingly positive benefits for many people in many ways. It not only changes careers and enhances our prospects, but it is good for health and well being – learning can really make us happier and healthier.

With the right help and the right attitude we can achieve amazing things, often which we did not think possible, overcoming the odds and realising that we can do it. Many of the learners shortlisted for these awards have benefited from direct and effective support provided by compassionate organisations that firmly believe in the capability of their learners to achieve their goals. It is a partnership approach which delivers results.

NOCN is part of this network of support because we create the qualifications, apprenticeships and resources which are used by training providers to help learners realise their potentials. My team ensures our products meet the needs of society to support achievement, inspire excellence and enhance the productivity and economic prosperity of our communities.

I am confident that the quality of nominees this year will be just as inspirational as ever and prove that learning on the job or in preparation for a job, can be valuable not only to the employee but to the employer too.

Graham Hasting-Evans – Managing Direction, NOCN