Department for Education

Campaign Supporter

This year marks two particularly momentous occasions – the 25th anniversary of this celebratory project, and the exciting opportunity now given to the Department for Education to work with adult learners.

Everyone has a comfort zone, I’m the first to admit that. Learning a new skill, whether it’s taking a part time course, learning a new language, starting an apprenticeship, or simply learning how to ride a bike – it can be thrilling, although equally tough, and it requires commitment, determination and patience. But that’s what all of these winners have demonstrated. By stepping out of their comfort zones this year’s winners have achieved brilliant results.

They show us it is never too late to learn something new or develop our skill sets – education does not have to stop after school and its exists for anyone interested in taking it up. The Festival of Learning is also a testament to that fact – one I’m proud to get behind and support.

Businesses and employers also play a leading role in lifelong learning through development programmes, workshops and exercises. As the Apprenticeships and Skills Minister I am particularly keen to work with them so that we can get the best possible outcomes for every learner, no matter where they come from or their circumstances.

Let it be known that this is my first ministerial position and I am in the same boat as many of you have been or will be – out of my comfort zone. But just imagine the fantastic stories and experiences we’ll be able to share next year, once we’ve ventured out.

Robert Halfon MP – Apprenticeships and Skills Minister