Project of the Year Award

Women’s Health in South Tyneside

2015 Regional Winner

Women’s Health in South Tyneside (WHiST) is a gender specific organisation, which provides education and a comprehensive range of support services to help women in the South Tyneside area to enter or return to employment, further education, overcome or maintain health issues or become active volunteers in their local communities.

In 2014, WHiST helped 31 women start or return to employment, supported 72 women to become volunteers and assisted 171 women to begin new courses for further development. This engagement of marginalised families and communities in learning demonstrates clear individual and communitywide benefits.

At WHiST, women work at their own pace, building their confidence in a way that they feel comfortable with and they are offered individual support to progress to new groups and courses, to join exercise classes or to volunteer thereby overcoming their long-standing isolation and health issues.

Nominator Corinne Devine said: “ WHiST offers opportunities to learners returning to an educational environment, often after poor previous experiences. Many learners are classified as hard to reach and are often living with or recovering from enduring health complaints. WHiST offers clear progression routes utilising all of the services from gentle exercise to more formal accredited learning and volunteer roles. ”