The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

2018 Highly Commended

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a social science enterprise that supports sustainable change and ongoing learning in organisations and communities.

The Institute designs innovative development programmes which are tailored to suit individual learners. One programme, ‘Social Seducement’, piloted an online game to build social entrepreneurship skills. Staff gained facilitator skills through peer learning with partners and colleagues, were involved in training new facilitators and finally in facilitating the game with students who took their new social entrepreneurship skills into their life post-graduation.

Staff at Tavistock Institute of Human Relations can access their Professional Development Portfolio which consists of a variety of modular courses and conferences, workshops and a 2-week residential leadership intensive event.

All staff at the Institute, from apprentices to the CEO, are also actively encouraged to take up learning opportunities and to choose which learning paths will benefit them. Very often the experiences produce a deep commitment to their work and enriches the meaning and value that the Institute brings to their clients.

Anne, Head of Professional Development, said “Wherever you begin your career at the Institute, you are encouraged to continue developing new skills and to use these in different ways.”

Staff member Rachel said “We are inspired to continuously develop and transform ourselves personally and professionally and integrate other areas of our lives with the work we do here.”