Outstanding Individual Learner Award

Steven Tyrell

2017 Regional Winner

Steven was serving a four year sentence at HMP Winchester, but after completing qualifications in prison he is now in sustainable employment.

Before going into prison Steven had never completed any formal learning. This, coupled with a string of low paid jobs, contributed to Steven going to prison.

In prison, Steven grasped the learning opportunities offered to him by Milton Keynes College and enrolled on a Level 1 Food Preparation course. He realised he had found his passion, and was given a job in the kitchen.

Steven was recognised as having real potential and was chosen for the Employment Academy, supported by Premier Inn. Here he worked to the standards set by an employer and learnt what they expected from their employees.

Now having the confidence and skills to think ahead, Steven started planning his future outside of prison.

As soon as Steven was released he was offered a full time job at Premier Inn. To support his career development, he intends to enrol on a Level 3 Food Preparation course.

“The positive impact of his learning is a real inspiration to those in prison that change can really happen if you want it to,” said Maxine his nominator.

“Returning to learning really does count and so do the opportunities that come your way. If I can make such big changes to my life and for my family I know that other prisoners can as well,” said Steven.