Patron's Award

Stephen Bush

2017 National Winner

Stephen took early retirement from his long career in social services to become a carer with his mother who had Alzheimer’s disease. He is now a passionate advocate of adult learning, believing it can play an instrumental role in staving off dementia.

Stephen has studied a wide range of subjects at City Lit and within community and heritage settings, choosing areas new to him. The regular attendance at adult education courses helped him maintain an independent identity while being a full-time carer.

Believing that learning new skills, particularly in a social and creative environment, can help improve the quality of his life, Stephen attends a weekly workshop at the local theatre aimed at people with dementia and their carers.

Stephen is a committee member at the Claremont Project which provides learning activities for people aged 55 years and over. Here he passionately encourages members to take up learning to benefit their health and wellbeing.

Stephen volunteers at City Lit and is an active member of their student panel, giving other students a voice to reflect and inform student experience there.

“Stephen is always keen to give back to others what he has himself learnt. His passion for learning and gaining knowledge is a wonderful thing that inspires others to follow in his footsteps”, said his nominator, Tabby.

Stephen said, “Learning helps me connect with other people and gives me the opportunity to be creative. I know it will continue to benefit my wellbeing, particularly as I become older.”