Employer Award

Royal Pavilion and Museums

2017 Regional Winner

In 2012, Royal Pavilion and Museums designed a new workforce development programme to provide staff with regular and flexible learning opportunities.

The programme is designed to encourage learning of all types, and ensures all staff, from front line personnel and casual employees to managers, can learn new skills and develop those they have.

Employees are given the opportunity to carry out their own choice of learning in three to six monthly chunks. Many go on to complete qualifications gaining new skills that contribute to their current role or help them diversify to other areas of the museum’s services.

Some staff also decide to learn brand new skills that give them the confidence and motivation to move onto completely new careers.

The workforce development programme was intended to engage, motivate and challenge staff in a way that is considered groundbreaking in the museum sector. The programme has been successful in providing many staff the opportunity to develop new skills which would have been unachievable beforehand.

Employees who have participated in the programme describe an increase in confidence, the feeling of being valued, and a new-found appreciation of learning.

“Our workforce development programme has created a more engaged workforce with increased morale. We are now utilising our employees’ new skills to expand the services we offer,” said manager, Helen.

“The programme has changed my whole outlook on how I feel about my workplace. I have been allowed to aspire to the best I can be,” said employee, Amanda.