Learning for Work Award

Rachel Price-Whittle and Tim Foley

2017 Regional Winner

Rachel and her fiancé Tim both had successful careers, but they were unhappy with their jobs. Investing in their own training, through an Advanced Learner Loan meant they could develop new skills and have their dream jobs!

Tim, a bricklayer, was working long hours with relatively low pay. After university, Rachel could not find work so she set up her own cupcake business, but it was not her chosen career.

Keen sports and fitness enthusiasts, Rachel and Tim had been informally coaching at their local boxing school. When Rachel enquired about a short course she was told about Advanced Learner Loans could help finance her studies for an industry recognised qualification.

Using the loans, they studied a Level 3 Personal Training Diploma. Since completing the diploma, Tim and Rachel have left their jobs and set up their own personal training studio, running 20 fitness classes a week.

As well as instructing they are coaching people on healthy and active lifestyles and working with a variety of clients who have mental ill health and physical disabilities.

“Rachel said, “The Advanced Learner Loan allowed us to take out a course that we would never have done if we’d had to pay straight away.”

“The course helped me realise I can do what I actually want to do,” said Tim.

“Rachel and Tim have changed career, improved their work-life balance and increased their income, but most importantly, they are finally working in their career of choice,” said Anna their nominator.