Project Award

Pendleton Together

2017 Regional Winner

Pendleton Together builds the skills of their residents; working to improve their life chances and getting them into learning and sustainable employment.

In an area where many people struggle to find work but are keen to improve themselves, Pendleton Together has created opportunities that have delivered real social value and progression.

The partnership of Together Housing Group, Keepmoat Regeneration, Salford City Council and Salford City College, set up a number of learning groups to address the wider needs of the community and give residents opportunities to further develop their life skills.

Knowing more was needed to raise aspirations and connect people to opportunities, Pendleton Together worked with the local college, university and job centre to create numerous apprenticeships, traineeships, and work placements in Salford.

To-date, more than 80 apprenticeships and 200 work placements and traineeships have been started, and almost 100 people have found sustainable employment.

Now, more than 35 local businesses are re-engaging with apprenticeship programmes. Furthermore, the uptake of learning in the area has increased, with nearly one-third leading to employment opportunities.

“Our work placements and workshops have helped create a culture of personal development within the community. It’s clear that the new opportunities are not only boosting skills and employment but also the local economy,” said Katherine, Communications Manager.

“I wanted to work so when I got the placement here I was delighted. I’ve learned so much and love working here,” said apprentice Tanya.