Project Award

Open Age

2017 Regional Winner

Open Age’s vision is that everyone aged 50 and over leads a fulfilling life. Taking part in the project has transformed the lives of older people through the use of innovative learning methods.

The project provides around 380 different sessions in 60 locations to 1,500 learners every week. Learners can take advantage of taster sessions and courses at different levels, through interactive group classes.

The courses are designed to be mentally and physically stimulating, including subjects such as languages, IT, creative and performing arts, nutrition, and many others.

Open Age ensures learners are supported according to their personal life situations and experiences. This approach helps learners build their confidence, dispel their fears and re-discover their social skills.

For a number of learners, their initial interest is turned into a genuine passion for learning their new subject and they go on to study formal qualifications.

“We are reminded every day how a regular lesson can give structure and purpose to an older person’s life. Through Open Age, older people have been able to learn and redefine themselves so they can create their own communities of people with shared interests, values and aims,” said director, Helen.

“Open Age has so many classes and subjects that there’s no way you can say that there isn’t anything for you! All the things I do there are just small dots which join up to make the whole of my week. I am still me, but it’s a better me,” said learner Christina.