Outstanding Individual Learner

Juljan Sula

2017 Regional Winner

Juljan became addicted to alcohol and drugs as a young adult, but after returning to education he is now a successful manager, passing on his skills to others.

Moving to the UK from Albania when he was just 14, Juljan educated himself up to A Level standard and found employment. However, his addiction resulted in him losing his job and his family.

Juljan attended a residential rehabilitation treatment centre in Somerset and started to re-build his life.

He enrolled on a business admin and IT course at Bridgwater College, successfully completing this and other qualifications. The courses helped him with his confidence levels and served as refresher training for him to regain his skills from his previous jobs.

As a result of achieving this qualification, he successfully gained full-time employment and currently manages a charity shop in Bridgwater.

Juljan continues to learn and has recently completed a level 2 counselling qualification. He is now able to engage with people by teaching them new skills, mentoring them and most importantly allowing them to be part of something.

“It is obvious that he now flourishing and is using his own life experience to educate and nurture others,” said his nominator Sue.

“I honestly love my job and the life I am living at the moment. Learning has transformed my life,” Juljan said.