Learning for Work Award

Jonathan Beebee

2017 National Winner

Jonathan had a severe head injury almost 20 years ago; he now runs a social enterprise that helps others in similar circumstances.

When he was just 19, Jonathan’s parents were told that he would not fully recover from his head injury. However, he surprised his doctors and sought to make the most of his new chance at life.

Jonathan researched his career options and trained to be a disability nurse. He then set up his own non-profit business, PBS4, to provide support to people with learning disabilities.

As Jonathan knew nothing about running a business, he enrolled onto the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs programme, at the School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire. Throughout the course, Jonathan shared his knowledge and learning, supporting and encouraging fellow participants.

The course connected Jonathan to a network of people in a similar situation and gave him the confidence to carry on. Jonathan’s learning was most evident from the progress and impact his enterprise made. He now employs 85 staff and is changing many people’s lives.

Jonathan remains committed to furthering his own learning and returns to the Lloyds programme to share his experiences with current course participants.

“I have gone from worrying about who will pay my bills to being in a position to give security to my family.” Jonathan said.

“Jonathan has contributed so much to the programme but clearly has gained an awful lot too. He is a prime example of the power of learning,” said his nominator Sandie.