Learning for Work

Joanne Abraham

2018 Highly Commended Winner

Joanne was determined that having a baby at 17 wouldn’t hold her back and after ten years of apprenticeships and training, she is now a Director for St Helens Chamber.

Joanne started a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration after her baby was born. She soon progressed to a Level 3 Apprenticeship and qualified as an assessor and teacher. At 22 Joanne became a Training Adviser with St Helens Chamber, and was made Team Leader two years later.

With an ambition to become a senior manager, Joanne continued along the apprenticeship route and began a Level 5 Apprenticeship in Management in 2016. Now a Director of Training Services at age 28, Joanne is responsible for a team of 40 as well as over 700 apprentices. She is passionate about their learning and makes sure that opportunities are available to all regardless of the challenges they face.

Joanne said, “Learning has changed my life! I love my job, and my apprenticeships have given me the skills and knowledge to have a positive impact in the community and make a difference.”

Joanne’s nominator, Kath Boullen, said, “Joanne is a remarkable young woman who has grasped every opportunity to learn and develop her career. She has progressed rapidly within our business, and now has sole responsibility for a budget in excess of £2million. She is intelligent, fearless and a pleasure to work with!”

Joanne’s next goal is to achieve a Level 7 (Degree level) Apprenticeship.