Employer Award

James Electrics Contracting

2017 National Winner

James Electrics Contracting works closely with local education and training providers to offer high quality work experience opportunities for learners. They offer training to around nine apprentices, trainees or work-based learners each year.

All learners complete their Electrical apprenticeship up to NVQ 3 in Installing Electrotechnical Systems along with AM2 Certificate of Electrotechnical Occupational Competence.

James Electrics Contracting’s established staff training model ensures all employees are given continuous training and development opportunities. The model both invests in and motivates employees to reach personal goals, develop further skills and progress in their chosen career.

The result of their staff model is a skilled, engaged and motivated workforce, increased productivity, financial success and high staff retention. Almost all current employees have been trained by James Electrics Contracting, and more than 40 existing staff members have been with the company since it was established in 1986.

“At James Electrics, we know that the development of staff from the start of a qualification through to a qualified engineer is an essential part of their business development. Continuous training and development gives James Electrics the capacity to innovate and allows us to seek out new areas of work,” said director Paul.

“Working with James Electrics has completely changed my life. I am more confident outside of work becauseI am proud of my new career. I’ve become more aspirational and working harder than ever before to better myself. I’ve never been happier,” said learner Simon.