Outstanding Individual Learner Award

Ishenaisu (Mark) Ntaibu

2015 Runner-up

Ishenaisu worked as a wagon driver in Zimbabwe before coming to Britain. Upon becoming a British citizen, he was determined to gain qualifications. He has now dedicated 9 years to acquiring the knowledge and skills to allow him to study a degree in Automotive Engineering.

Ishenaisu began his studies at Bradford College in 2006 when he became a British national. Since then, he has earned a Level 1 Award in Motor Vehicle, a Level 2 Diploma in Motor Vehicle Studies and a City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Auto Maintenance and Repair. In addition, he has acquired qualifications in Maths, Science and English.

Despite having extensive outside commitments, including working from 10pm until 6am and looking after his two children, Ishenaisu let nothing interfere with his learning.

His nominator, Geraldine McCallum, said: “Over the last two years he has shown his enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Ishenaisu has two children and must be a role model to them, showing how determined he is to gain an education and understanding the importance of gaining qualifications…He is a born again Christian and has a calming manner that helps other students in class work to their full potential.”

After building his knowledge and confidence at Bradford College, Ishenaisu is now going to pursue a BENG in Automotive Engineering. He said: “Coming to college has helped me make friends, build relationships and improve my communication skills. I now feel confident to do a degree in Automotive Engineering, something I never thought I would be capable of.”