English Language Learning

Hala Akhras

2018 Highly Commended

Moving to England from Syria brought Hala a range of challenges including a new language. Determined to integrate into her new country Hala learnt to speak English and found a new career.

Hala studied English in Syria but the opportunities to use it in daily life were few and far between. Living in England she hesitated to communicate because she was afraid of making mistakes in her speech. She soon became depressed and pessimistic about her future.

Hala decided to change her path and learn English again. She attended ESOL classes at Adult Education Wolverhampton, starting with Entry Level 3 and moved onto Level 1 and Level 2. As time went on, Hala came out of her shell and adopted a mentor role with the younger students.

A qualified dental technician in her home country, Hala considered a change in career. She enrolled on a Childcare course and progressed through various courses including GCSE maths and English. She is now on her way to becoming a Teaching Assistant.

Rachel, Hala’s nominator said “Hala’s decision to learn English was one that took a lot of courage and personal strength but was one she knew she needed to do to integrate in her new community.”

Hala said “I have much more courage and am now happy to communicate with people around me – I am no longer isolated. I believe that my family and I will have a much better life.”