Learning for Health

Frank McCann

2018 National Winner

A severe brain injury following a heart attack left Frank unable to move or speak. He started adult education classes hoping to re-learn the skills he had lost.

Frank first came to Coventry Adult Education Service in 2008, hoping that English and maths classes would help him to regain more speech and improve his memory. As his confidence grew, Frank began a range of art classes to help improve his motor skills and develop his creative side.

Before his illness Frank had worked as a professional photographer and in 2012, he started relearning photography skills. He attended classes in digital photography, landscape and night time photography, studio portraiture photography as well as classes in Photoshop and IT. Frank has exhibited art work and photographs at the summer art exhibitions held every year by Coventry Adult Education Service and hopes to regain enough skills and memory to be a professional photographer again.

Frank said, “My learning has made a huge difference to my life skills and continues to do so. Each small step I take moves me on a little more towards being the person I used to be.”

Frank’s nominator and tutor, Susie Hutton, said, “Frank has such an amazing story of recovery, against all odds. He’s determined to continually challenge his brain to re-learn, and improve his life skills.”