English Language Learning

Dorjana Llukani

2018 National Winner

Dorjana moved from Albania to the UK with her family in 2014, leaving behind her career as a maths teacher and finding herself in a world that was not her own.

When Dorjana first moved to the UK she knew very little English and felt both afraid and frustrated, struggling with everyday tasks such as completing the forms for her daughter’s nursery. Realising that she needed to learn English for the sake of her two young children, Dorjana began ESOL classes at Sutton College and made rapid progress from Entry Level 1 in 2014 to Level 2 in 2017.

Dorjana’s dedication to learning has inspired everyone around her. Through self-study she is tackling the classics of English literature and reading widely on topics from technology to horticulture, all while raising her children. Dorjana has uncovered new passions and areas of interest and plans to return to her career as a maths teacher here in the UK.

Dorjana said, “I love seeing myself as a plant grows, slowly and confidently. Soon I will be a mature plant and ready to produce flowers – my career as a teacher.”

Dorjana’s nominator, tutor Oliver Woodroof, said “Dorjana really is like a plant: quiet and unassuming, yet with deep roots and an indomitable will to grow.”