Inspirational Tutor of the Year Award

Theresa Craven

2016 Regional Winner

Theresa uses her own learning journey to inspire her learners, and help them to realise that, while returning to education or employment can be daunting, it is achievable with the right support and positive inspired teaching.

Theresa works with local schools and job centres to recruit learners, some with complex and challenging lives, onto the Supporting Teaching and Learning Schools courses. As well as providing individual support and guidance to her learners, Theresa helps them to understand their own potential and worth, which, in turn, increases their confidence and regains their identity.

Dan, Theresa’s nominator, said “Theresa spends a great deal of time researching, developing and producing engaging and innovative activities and resources to aid learning and inspire her learners, many of which go on to develop their own inspirational resources when completing voluntary work placements in local schools.”

Theresa is also a Job Club tutor where she supports people who are looking to start work or re-enter the jobs market. One learner, although having had numerous jobs, had never had a CV before. Theresa worked with him, helped to create his first CV – and he secured a long term job as builder.

Theresa said: Personal experiences of failing academically in school have had a profound effect on me. I am determined learners have the opportunity to thrive whether on a non-accredited course or a recognised qualification.

Theresa continues I am happy and fulfilled as a person when interacting with all learners, either in the classroom or work based learning environment.”