Project of the Year Award

MOT Training, Education and Skills Support

2016 National Winner

Despite the big advances in motoring design and technology, the training model for MOT testers has barely changed over the last 40 years. The traditional and out-dated system saw 5,000 prospective new testers a year trying to qualify at one of only 20 Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency centres. The system excluded those not working in the sector, while those who made it through had to undergo three days of expensive residential training.

MTESS (MOT Training, Education and Skills Support), a DVSA project based at their Head Office in Bristol, is revolutionising training in the MOT testing sector. Instead of relying on exclusive in-house training, MTESS has led the way in opening up MOT tester training through a new nationally recognised qualification.

This new model delivers choice, flexibility and competition within the sector that wasn’t possible before. Not only does this allow people from outside the sector to access the training, but it can now be delivered in more centres, through a variety of delivery methods and is more cost effective for learners and employers.

Learner, Lee Pace, said, Continuing professional development was something that I have always been aware of and I have always known that it is something that I needed to help me progress professionally. Personally, I think my own testing standards will massively improve because I am looking more regularly at the sections of the manual and they’re going to be a lot fresher in my mind, making the information a lot more accessible.”