Outstanding Individual Learner Award

Liz Curry

2016 Regional Winner

The last time Liz had painted was at the age of sixteen, as part of her ‘O’ Levels. As life progressed, she didn’t get the opportunity to continue with art, although it was always a passion.

In 2010, Liz contracted meningitis at the age of 54. To survive she had to lose both her legs and her right hand, but the surgeons managed to save part of her left hand.

Following intensive rehabilitation, Liz learnt to walk with prosthetic legs, she then returned to work and to driving, and living as independently as possible.

Liz retired in 2015 and decided she wanted to explore her artistic talent. Liz spent some time looking for an A Level art course, but struggled to find something that was local.

She discovered the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) online, and found an art course of interest. Liz began watercolour techniques in September 2015.

At that first session, she arrived with no materials, as she wasn’t sure she could hold a paintbrush. Working with a tutor who “thinks outside the box” Liz learnt to paint with her left hand.

From that first session, Liz’s learning journey began, and “it’s like magic.”

She has now signed up for the second year of the course. Tutor Shari Hills, says Liz is developing a strong, individual painting style which is dynamic and reflects her great energy.”