Inspirational Tutor of the Year Award

Kate Hunter

2016 Regional Winner

Kate’s role as a tutor at St Giles Trust means working with learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, some of whom are or have been in prison. Often, Kate’s learners have been let down by the level of their basic skills; Kate works with them to build up their numeracy and literacy skills, she works at their pace, and adapts the sessions according to their needs.

Junior, Kate’s nominator, said of Kate’s teaching abilities, “True she is a tutor; but she delivers more than the IAG she delivers in the prison and in the community, she understands the complexity of the people we work with; she frequently provides extra support, for example for those being released from prison, those who are studying but who may face other issues such as homelessness.”

One of Kate’s learners said, If it wasn’t for Kate’s hard work and believing in me I don’t know where I would be today. She is a really nice person; she goes out of her way to support paid staff and volunteers, encouraging and motivating them to be the best that they can be.”

Kate’s next goal is to work on new qualifications and workshops; develop new strategies to help clients get into work and discover their strengths and work on areas they feel less confident in. She said, Education is a tool that no one can take away from you.”