Learning for Work Award Winner - Sponsored by NOCN

Franchesca Emery

2016 Regional Winner

Franchesca left sixth form after completing AS Levels to become an electrician. Despite worries from her parents that she didn’t have the strength to succeed, her determination and hard work saw her rated “exceptional” by her employers, complete her traineeship and be offered a four-year apprenticeship.

Describing herself as shy and quiet, Franchesca didn’t like sixth form and felt she wasn’t her usual self, a situation that had an adverse effect on her life. After completing her AS Levels, Franchesca needed a change and decided she wanted to be an electrician. Despite her parents’ concerns, she sent a letter to a local employer, who forwarded it to advisors at DCET Training, where Franchesca soon began a traineeship.

Not only did she overcome the barrier of being one of only two female learners but she was also described as “one of the stand out trainees”. Following fantastic feedback from building site supervisors,

Jeff Way Electrical had no hesitation in offering her a four-year apprenticeship, of which she’s completed the first year. Her hard work and progress means her parents now fully support her learning choices.

Franchesca says that she can’t believe how much has changed since completing her traineeship: My parents noticed the change in me and it made things at home a lot better. I thought ‘why haven’t I done this sooner?’. I want to work hard and prove that you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it and decide that you want change.”