Project of the Year Award

Family Learning through Jamie’s Ministry of Food

2016 Regional Winner

Family Learning through Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a unique programme run in partnership with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the Foundation of Light, the registered charity of Sunderland AFC.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food campaign was launched to improve people’s health and well-being through food. It involves practical, community-based cooking programmes for people of all ages.

The Foundation of Light, based in Tyne and Wear, successfully developed an outreach version of Jamie’s Ministry of Food course which allows families to learn to cook together through a 10-week programme.

Since its introduction in September 2014, this unique family learning programme has supported more than 100 families, with learners aged from 4 to 76 gaining new skills in food and cooking. Its success has meant the team has now expanded the scheme to be delivered in children’s centres, community halls, primary schools and secondary schools in order to reach more families.

The Foundation of Light ran a Ministry of Food course at St Aidan’s Catholic School in Sunderland. Deputy Head Teacher Alan Herbertson said The Ministry of Food course was a huge success. The confidence and positive attitude the students gained through the project was clear to see. The cooking skills allowed them to achieve real results in a short space of time, and the pride they gained through this was a pleasure to behold. The fact that parents learned alongside students meant they were attending the school for a positive reason. This project is something which was most beneficial for our students and community, and we would love to have the opportunity again.”