Inspirational Tutor of the Year Award

Darren Davis

2016 National Winner

Darren is a sports and leisure tutor at HMP Lowdham Grange. He has a real passion for both physical fitness and inspiring others to take care of their physical wellbeing.

Darren has transformed the Grange’s gym into a fitness academy, where he teaches prisoners, not only how to manage their fitness but sets them on the road to becoming a personal trainer and managing other people’s fitness.

Darren also teaches nutrition, healthy living, and smoking and alcohol cessation, and is learning to be a life coach.

The majority of Darren’s learners come to him with no qualifications whatsoever, but despite his heavy teaching schedule and his continuing involvement with the regime in general, Darren never loses sight of his goal to give every prisoner the opportunity to better themselves, become qualified, and get a job.

Darren is inspired by the development of his learners. He says “I always tell them they are on a journey to hopefully one day, gain recognised qualifications, provide for their family and to help give them a start in a career which they enjoy.”

Many ex-prisoners, who have left and gone on to work in the fitness industry full time, hold Darren in such high regard that they often come back to the prison to give inspirational talks to Darren’s current cohort.

Darren says: Teaching offenders is a big responsibility. My aim is that one day my learners can stand out amongst others, confident, knowledgeable and with a better understanding of themselves and of others.”