A message from our campaign partner, Hotcourses UK

Working with the Festival of Learning last year allowed us to see the difference education can make to people's lives. We were able to speak to some of the winners first hand to truly understand the depth of difference taking that first step back into learning has had on them.

The idea of getting back into education during adulthood can seem really daunting – especially now that we live in a digitally-driven world. However with the ability to up-skill and contribute to our communities, the benefits of learning far outweigh any apprehensions.

Our belief that you never stop learning is at the heart of we do. We even encourage our team to take time out to learn for their own leisure and enjoyment. At the same time, we understand how necessary it is to be able to find a learning opportunity easily with quality information.

This is something we are continuously improving as society and our business evolves.

An example of this was the ability for people to take part in Festival of Learning’s ‘Have a Go’ month. We were proud to host the event calendar, which made it easy and efficient for people to find out what was happening in their local area.

In an age where people are dependent on smart devices, it's never been more important to encourage more meaningful experiences. Education offers this in abundance. We hope that this year, we're another step closer to the government recognising and acting upon the significant impact that adult learning can have both individually and collectively.

Marcella Collins, Managing Director at Hotcourses UK