A Message from our Chief Executive

Festival of Learning is a celebration of the transformational power of continued learning in adulthood. This year we have double the cause to celebrate as we mark the 25th anniversary of Festival of Learning.

In each of those 25 years the range of winners’ stories is always remarkable. People around the country are learning for so many different reasons, in so many different ways, and with the support of so many inspirational tutors, projects and employers.

And on top of this, so many have used their learning to help others and to inspire people to follow in their footsteps. That’s what Festival of Learning is all about: celebrating the very best in adult learning, and inspiring others to better themselves by embracing opportunities to learn.

As I reflect on the last 25 years of Festival of Learning and Adult Learners’ Week, I think about the 2000 award winners we have showcased and the ways that learning has improved their lives and the lives of the people around them; the children with better grades because their parents can better help them with schoolwork, the adults with renewed self-confidence and those who, through learning, feel part of a community sometimes for the very first time.

Looking ahead to the next 25 years, let’s work even harder together so that more people can discover a love of learning later in life.

I congratulate every one of this year’s winners, and indeed everyone who was nominated.

Stephen Evans – Chief Executive of Learning and Work Institute