Five Reasons to get involved with Festival of Learning’s ‘Have a Go’ Month

Every year we encourage organisations to hold free taster sessions and learning activities for adults to discover the benefits of learning and to inspire them to take their first steps into education since school. Here’s our top five reasons why your organisation should get involved in 2019.

1. Inspire more adults to get into learning   

At Festival of Learning we know all about the positive impact of lifelong learning, and our aim is to encourage more adults to see that it’s never too late to learn.

Over the years, we’ve met adults who have used learning to boost their self-confidence, open up new career opportunities and overcome barriers to achieve amazing things. Learning also benefits employers by creating a highly skilled workforce of motivated employees who are adaptable to change and keen to continuously update their skills set.

Encouraging individuals to love to learn is a key part of getting the best out of people. Your ‘have a go’ events could be someone’s first positive learning experience, or a reminder of just how fun it can be, leaving them keen to enrol on further courses.

2. Reach new and different learners

Festival of Learning is excited to be working with a wide range of organisations to help raise awareness of ‘have a go’ events.

By registering your events with us, we can help promote your learning provision.

3. Showcase what you have to offer   

We all know that the best way to boost interest in what you have to offer is to increase awareness across multiple audiences! Running a taster session in our ‘have a go’ month will help the right people understand what you do and what you stand for – this includes learners, other organisations, and local media.

You can reach these people using our MP and media invitations as well as news story templates in our partner hub under the ‘planning and promoting your event’ section.

Remember to take photographs of your events. Images of people enjoying themselves learning a variety of skills in different venues will inspire and encourage others to try something new themselves. We’d also love to see what you get up to so share your photos with us!

4. Be a part of someone’s learning journey  

Every year we share the stories of our award winning learners, tutors, employers and projects who have been on an inspiring learning journey. Many of our winners started small without any clue of where it would lead them!

Someone who signs up to your ‘have a go’ event might be on their own journey to starting a business, going to university, or landing their dream job – and they will always remember you for being the first stepping stone to success. You could even find one of our future winners!

Festival of Learning 2019 award winners were announced on 2 July 2019.

5. Access free promotion and Festival of Learning branding   

Our partner hub contains lots of free resources for you to run your event and attract interest. Our brand toolkit includes all our logos and brand guidelines which you can use on posters, banners and badges. Other resources include posters, images, learner quotes, boilerplates, learning statistics, template press releases and invites for MPs and media.

Not only this but we will share your ‘have a go’ event via Twitter and retweet your posts so that even more people can have the opportunity to ‘have a go’. Make sure you tag @festival_learn or #festivaloflearning2019 in your tweets so we don’t miss them!

For more information visit our dedicated webpage.