We need to inspire and encourage future female entrepreneurs

Winning the Festival of Learning 2018 Tutor award was not only a huge shock but also a very humbling experience.  Since then, I have continued teaching but it has given me a boost to know that I do make a difference.

I learn new things every day, often from my learners. This is one of the reasons why I love my job.  As a woman in the teaching industry I am not in the minority, however as a company director of an educational company I still am.

Many gaps in education have been bridged over the years, however learning for women and girls in other countries sadly have not had the same progress as we have in the UK.  There is still a gender pay gap across the globe and women are still not in equal numbers in business or politics.  As a tutor I feel that we need to make all students realise their potential and ambition and give them the tools to reach this whether this is signposting them to other agencies, training courses or researching how they can get the job they want.  For economics to thrive, women need to be treated equally, this includes being involved in board meetings, the media etc.   We need to inspire the future and encourage female entrepreneurs.

I met very inspirational people at the Festival of Learning awards ceremony last year. Many of these women, as we all do, want every woman and girl to have the same opportunities and to be able to reach their full potential. If I can help some of my learners do this then I will be doing a good job.  Learning is a very important tool, and that learning is knowledge.  I believe in the quote from Alan Moore that says “knowledge, like air, is vital to life.  Like air, no one should be denied it.”

I feel it is very important to recognise the impact that women have on our economy, in life and in education and that is why we should be all celebrating International Women’s Day.

Sonia was our 2018 Tutor Award winner. Our 2019 award winners will be announced in July.