Winning the award was the best thing that had happened to me in a while!

In 2018, I won Festival of Learning’s Learning for Work Award.

For many years, I worked in a nursery and stumbled onto some hard times with my home life and the breakdown of my marriage. I decided to take some time off work to get my life back on track and pursue some further training in the childcare field.

I was looking at local courses that may support my learning and my dyslexia. I had a hard time at school and completing my GCSEs, so having the right support and guidance was important to me. I found adult learning courses with Islington Council and started English and Maths Level 1 and 2, Basic Food Hygiene and Adult Community Care.

My goal was to complete these courses within one year; I completed them within 11 months and decided to become a registered childminder from home.

Adult learning courses are completely different than school, the team are there to help support you and not judge you, the staff team went above and beyond to help me complete my work to the best of my ability and I cannot thank them enough for the guidance they gave me to fulfil my dreams.

This career move was the best choice I ever made: I work the hours I want to and have employed my daughter as an assistant. Home life and the relationship with my children is now amazing and stress free.

Winning the award this year was the best thing that had happened to me in a while. Seeing how proud everyone is of you is an amazing feeling and it gave me the confidence to continue on this path.

I would advise anyone who is thinking about nominating someone for this award to go for it – I promise it will make their year!

Tracey Everitt won the Festival of Learning 2018 Learning for Work Award. Watch her film here.

Nominations for Festival of Learning 2019 are now open until 12 February. Further information and guidance can be found here.