Everything is possible when persistent hard work is invested

Moving to England from Syria brought a range of challenges, including a new language. Determined to integrate into my new country I learnt to speak English and found a new career. 

I studied English in Syria but the opportunities to use it in daily life were few and far between. Living in England, I hesitated to communicate because I was afraid of making mistakes in my speech. I soon became depressed and pessimistic about my future. 

I decided to change my path and learn English again. I attended ESOL classes at Adult Education Wolverhampton, starting with Entry Level 3 and moved onto Level 1 and Level 2. As time went on, I came out of my shell and adopted a mentor role with the younger students. 

A qualified dental technician in my home country, I considered a change in career. I enrolled on a Childcare course and achieved various qualifications including GCSE maths and English. I am now on my way to becoming a teaching assistant. 

My childcare teacher, Rachel, nominated me for a Festival of Learning award and I was chosen as a highly commended student; it was delightful and mesmerising to receive this news.  

Sometimes I feel depressed. However, people have since started to congratulate me, which keeps growing my enthusiasm and motivation to continue my educational journey and achieve my dreams. 

Wolverhampton Adult Education Service is an ideal place to start something new or to resume previous studies and interests. It has a plethora of options available for everyone. Also, the teaching staff are exceptional and very experienced.  

My advice to everyone would be to never give up, no matter what. Despite age and the level of education, everything is possible when persistent hard work is invested in their journey to achieve their dream.

Hala Akhras was highly commended for the Festival of Learning 2018 English Language Learning award. Read her full story here. 

Nominations for Festival of Learning 2019 are now open until 12 February. Further information and guidance can be found here.