I want to be an inspiration to disability students

Our 2017, National Young Adult Learner Award winner, Taylor Bird shares with us what she has experienced and gained from being in adult education.

“Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to make a difference and teach people with how people see an open choice to things. I was bullied everyday throughout school, as I have a rare condition that I was born with that makes me a unique woman, so when I was growing up I had people who I looked up to like my family, my dad , my cousins, also well-known people like Adele , Michelle Obama etc….
I always have a visual with how I see things so I decided that taking photographs were a place that i could be myself and show a confidence into myself….
Adult education in this past 7 years from learning in the class and the volunteering in college and out that everyday I’m learning new things that has made me become confidence because I had the chance to follow my dream and show that disabled /syndrome students can go into higher education and with the right support can finish with degrees and awards.
I want to be an inspiration to disability students and let them have a visual like I have and make a dream your career.”

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